Race Route

List directions of race route:
Here is what our 2018 Race Route will look like.  We have both a text description of the route, along with a Downloadable Map that you can print to your local printer.  The map is in Adobe Acrobat Reader format.
IHM 5k Race Route
Starting line is at the IHM driveway on Lillis Dr.  
  1. Runners will line up along Lillis in front of the school.
  2. Run north on Lillis Dr. to Silver Lake Ave.
  3. Turn right on Silver Lake to 8th Street.
  4. Turn left on 8th Street to Monroe Ave.
  5. Turn right on Monroe to the entrance of Lions Park.
  6. Turn right into Lions park, follow sidewalk through to parking lot to Silver Lake.
  7. Turn left on Silver Lake and a quick right turn on 6th Street.
  8. Run on 6th Street to Roosevelt Ave.
  9. Turn right on Roosevelt to 13th Street.
  10. Turn right on 13th Street to Silver Lake.
  11. Turn left on Silver Lake to Lillis.
  12. Turn left on Lillis to IHM driveway
Finish will be in the IHM driveway/parking lot