Never run a 5K before, or it’s been a while since you have?  No problem.  Here is some information that might help you train for the 2017 IHM 5K run.

Also, (powered by  has a variety of training programs under the training section. The most well recommended and most commonly used for a 5K is the C25K: Couch to 5K. is great for planning and measuring a run.

Recommended apps are

  • Nike+ Running
  • 5K Runner: 0 to 5K run training

Recommended Book

  • The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer by David Whitsett, Forest Dolgener, and Tanjala Kole.  While the intention of this book is to help non-runners prepare for a marathon there is a great 10 wk program to get you from walking to running for 30 min straight which would be great for a first 5K