Never run a 5K before, or it’s been a while since you have?  No problem.  Here is some information that might help you train for the 2018 IHM 5K run.

Join our local Couch to 5K Running Group.  Details on our IHM 5K facebook page

Also, (powered by  has a variety of training programs under the training section. The most well recommended and most commonly used for a 5K is the C25K: Couch to 5K. is great for planning and measuring a run.

Recommended apps are

  • Nike+ Running
  • 5K Runner: 0 to 5K run training

Recommended Book

  • The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer by David Whitsett, Forest Dolgener, and Tanjala Kole.  While the intention of this book is to help non-runners prepare for a marathon there is a great 10 wk program to get you from walking to running for 30 min straight which would be great for a first 5K